This website is songwriter, publisher and poet Hermann Stampfel’s tribute to his Gottscheer roots. Born in Austria and raised in New York City, Hermann grew up listening to the music of his parents and grandparents. An active member of the Gottscheer community in Ridgewood, N.Y., Hermann hopes to keep the traditions and music of this ancient land alive. This website is dedicated to the people and the land of Gottschee.

Gottschee refers to a former German-speaking region in Carniola, a crownland of the Habsburg Empire, now in Slovenia.  The region has been a county, duchy, district, and municipality during various parts of its history. Today Gottschee largely corresponds to the Municipality of Kočevje. 

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Oh Dawn (O Tohk) Written by Hermann J. Stampfel – Beautifully recorded by the youth choir from the primary school in Semitsch, Slovenia  and presented in a wonderful video.  A few other Gottscheer influenced videos follow.