Gottschee refers to a former German-speaking region in Carniola, a crownland of the Habsburg Empire, now in Slovenia.

The region has been a county, duchy, district, and municipality during various parts of its history. Today Gottschee largely corresponds to the Municipality of Kočevje.

The original German settlers of the region are called Gottschee Germans or Gottscheers and their German dialect is called Gottschee German or Gottscheerish.

Hermann Stampfel was born in Austria and grew up in New York City. Proud to be American and
proud of his Gottscheer roots. Today, he is an active and well respected member of the Gottscheer community living in Queens, N.Y.

I’m very proud to be the owner of this wonderful painting of the city of Gottschee  by Kočevje-born painter and sculptor, Michael Ruppe.