O Tokh

Oh Dawn (O Tohk) Written by Hermann J. Stampfel – Beautifully recorded by the youth choir from the primary school in Semitsch, Slovenia  and presented in a wonderful video. The children (13-15 years old) were singing on the opening ceremony of the Third days of the Gottscheer (German) culture in Semitsch, on the 25th May 2017.
Der Jugendchor der Grundschule Semic singt das Lied von Hermann J. Stampfel aus New York ,,Oh Tokh” unter der Leitung von Anzelika Mitrovic


Gottschee During World War 2

After the outbreak of World War II in 1939, Yugoslavia initially remained neutral, but after a coup in 1941 adopted a staunch anti-Axis position. This led to a German and Italian invasion and occupation of the Kingdom. The Gottscheer were in the Italian occupation zone after Yugoslavia’s surrender, which Hitler could not abide. Nazi racial … Read more Gottschee During World War 2